Old School, New School, Home School Rule …


“But other than that, everything is cool” … So homeschool it is this fall.  We are pretty much set up and ready to roll as mommy is for real about to be in rare teacher form.  I’ve downloaded tons of resources and purchased a couple of  programs to help me along this journey as my child’s full-time educator. And, for who knows how long. But God won’t give us anything we can’t handle, right?

Since the pandemic hit, I have officially taken up co-residency in the Amazon. And apparently other moms reside there too.  Like, I honestly wish I could write off all the items I’ve bought. Ryan’s space is set up so much like a school that some of my friends have asked if I’m accepting applications. That would be a hell to the naw naw naw.  Howevs, depending on how this unemployment sit-chee-ation is going to go, I may have to open up a spot or two. We shall see.

Unfortunately, I was laid off a week before things took a turn for the worse. I have to share that, when I got hired, God told me that the position I held would be temporary. I didn’t know how temporary cause you know God can be funny. LOL. But when I got the news I wasn’t disappointed. Surprised? Yes. I was just a few weeks away from my one year anniversary of starting the job. But nonetheless, I was quite ok with it. And Lord, who but Him, would know that it would prepare me for such a time as this.

So here where are. While my husband still has his job –THANK GOD — I am able to focus on Ryan with well, pretty much everything. Dad falls in when and where he can. So I decided to replicate what Ryan had been used to in his school, with all the different centers. From housekeeping to art, from dramatic play (of course, duh) to music. In addition to his curriculum, I wanted to make sure we had numerous options to keep this kid busy and learning. And y’all it still doesn’t seem like enough.

I was able to keep up for the first two weeks after the shut downs — maintaining the schedule we both had been on going to work and attending school.  But, the way my body is set is up (that’s another post), we’ve been on spring/summer break since April. Don’t judge me. Ryan is TWO and really, that is all that needs to be said. Additionally, him not having other children to feed off of proved to add some challenges for me. So I decided not to be so hard on myself as I was navigating through this new normal. Even if some things happened out of order, or not at all,  I was proud of what I was able to accomplish in any given day.

I’m still organizing the space that will be school and my office but once that is all put together I feel confident that I will be able to knock this thing out of the park. Well, at least out of my house into a school — when Covid is over — where Ryan will be well prepared and on top of his game. Creating a space that works for both of us, I believe, will  keep me motivated and excited about being his teacher, a stay-at-home mom and creative type.

So, whether you have decided to homeschool or do virtual or in-person learning, I pray you all the strength to do everything you need to do to keep the school bus moving. We’ve got this …  right??

Until then, school is in session.