It’s the Most Happiest Month of the Year

January 3rd. January 6th. January 14th. My entire household celebrated a birthday this month. Three Capricorns. And not that I’m all into astrology and numerology and the like — but we are all the same. LOL. I see so much of me and Wayne in Ryan. When he does a certain thing or looks a certain way — all we can say is, “he gets it honestly.”

My baby boy turned TWO. I can hardly believe this little boy is a toddler — running, climbing, talking in sentences, counting, remembering and repeating everything. He truly is a little man. I wasn’t sure I would do anything but in true Capricorn fashion, I pulled something together at the last minute. Things kind of work out that way for me. I used to wait to the very last minute to do a term paper in college. But, I would pull it together and bust an “A”.

Ryan loves Paw Patrol so a Paw Patrol theme it was. I decided to rent out the place he’s a member, My Gym. They supply the decorations, invites, food and activities. But of course I couldn’t just have a party with sub par decorations. I went all out. Backdrops, plates, table clothes, cake, cupcakes, party favors. It was the cutest little “PAWty“.

Baby boy had a great time and by the time he hit the car to go home he was out! Momma was tired too. I had just celebrated my birthday two days prior — he had his party on the Sunday before his actual birthday. Hubby hooked me up at the Four Seasons dahlin’ for a nice day at the spa and an overnight stay. I had dinner with close friends and shut it on down around mid-night. Which by the way was way past my bed time.

I had planned to have drinks after dinner at the roof top bar at the hotel but all I wanted was a pillow top mattress and some good sleep. My how things have changed. The next day would be back to reality — mommy mode — so I wanted to take advantage of the sleep-in I would be afforded by staying overnight at the hotel.

I turned FORTY-SIX y’all. INSANE. I am almost 50. Half a century. I remember when my grandmother was fifty. My hubby will turn the BIG 5-0 next year. Seems like we both just turned forty. I can remember those celebrations like it was yesterday.

Over the last eight or nine years that Wayne and I have been together (married for 3) we have been incredibly blessed to see another year. To have our beautiful son Ryan and family and friends that love and support us.

We are getting older but I am looking forward to so much more to come. God is still blessing us. He is still showing us what He can do — even when we, and others, for that matter, think it’s impossible for us. We are proving that age is just a number and as long as we trust in God to do what He has promised for our lives, it will happen — no matter the time or the place.

Happy Birthday to Us!!

We are all the same.