A Stroke of Love

Y’all. My daddy had a stroke. It was mild but big or little — a stroke is serious. Luckily, he wasn’t being a “man”  — cause you know how men are — they could chop half of their arm off, wrap it up in towel and keep on going. But after feeling numb on his left side and feeling off-balance, he decided to go to the hospital. Now my dad lives in South Carolina. Eight hours away.  So, not being able to just get in my car and drive up the road was be a bit nerve-racking but my faith kept me.

He initially went to a hospital in South Carolina but he didn’t really feel comfortable with the medical staff there, so he decided to have his friend drive him to Charlotte, forty-five minutes away, to a better facility. But let me tell you how my God works.

I have a really good friend, Kim. We worked at Fox 5 in DC back in the 90’s. We don’t see or talk to each other every day but when we do it’s like no time has passed. We pick up as if it is 1998 at 5151 Wisconsin Avenue. Kim is from New York, went to Howard, lived in the DC area for years and then, eventually moved to Charlotte like 15+ years ago — “for such a time as this, Lord.”

I called her and told her what happened to my dad. Although she doesn’t live far from the city the hospital is in, she was actually headed to that area for something else when I called.  I asked if she could go put some eyes on my daddy.  With no hesitation she was on it.

My dad had been complaining about the food and that his phone was about to die. So after Kim checked in on him, sent me a selfie of them both so I could see he looked good — she went and got him a charger and some food. My dad knows Kim. He has spent time with Kim. Kim is family. And when I tell you how thankful to God that my sister was there to intercede on my behalf. Woooo!

Before Kim got to the hospital, I spoke with the nurse because I wanted to make sure my dad wasn’t leaving any pertinent information out about his condition. He didn’t want me to worry. But he told me the truth. The nurse said he looked good and things looked positive. He didn’t have any facial damage as the part of the brain he had the stroke wouldn’t have affected his mouth or face. But he would require some therapy.

He is still experiencing some numbness from the waist down but the doctors are saying he should regain feeling at some point. Some would say he is lucky. I say he is blessed. God has a way of sending you a message though. My dad stays moving. Cannot sit down. Fixing the church, renovating somebody’s house and working a regular job. Sit yo’ butt down sir.

I think when people get older they feel like if they don’t keep moving they are slowly dying. I get it. But he is getting older and he needs to take a little time to just enjoy the view. My dad looks good for his age — a young 66 — but he needs to take better care of himself. I need him to stick around a little longer.

I really believe it is time for him to head back North. To his home.  All of his family is here. Sure, he has made friends in his over 20 years of being in South Carolina but because he is getting older, I need to be able to keep a closer eye on him.  I appreciate his friends and church family that look after him there, but it is time to really consider the move home.

He is a man so we’ll see how it goes. Y’all pray for him. And me. God has a way of helping us make decisions when we can’t seem to make them for ourselves. Maybe this mild stroke was a sign. I just hope this sign was big enough to convince him to come back home.