Love is A House And I’ve Got the Key

♪Oh, to take me where I wanna be
Open up and let me into your heart, baby

Remember that song from the Force’ M.D.s. That was my jam.

So I’m in week three of the new gig and things are going swell. I’ll be in training until about June so the “real” work hasn’t begun. It seems I have my work cut out for me. There is a ton to learn and a lot to do once I’m up and running. I’m more of a hands on person so you can talk to me to your blue in the face. Until I’m actually doing it is when it all clicks for me.

I am enjoying learning the business. Although my husband doesn’t think we’ll build again I will definitely be more prepared the next time around if there is one. I am in love with the model home. OMG. It is beautiful guys. It’s so open and spacious. The stairs are nice and wide and the basement would be perfect for Ryan. It also has two kitchens which my husband says we definitely wouldn’t need. LOL. He knew I didn’t like to cook when he met me so whatevs.

It has these sliding multi-panel pocket doors that open up to the outdoor living space. Spectacular. The master bath is ridiculous. I mean you could run laps in the shower and the stand alone tub — divine. This particular model is the farmhouse style which has some barnyard elements and utilizes neutral colors and natural textures and materials. And, although I wouldn’t think I’d like the farmhouse, if I could buy this house, I would. Just like it is. With everything it. It’s perfect.

There are six models offered in the community and they each have four different home styles to choose from, i.e. farmhouse, traditional, craftsman, etc. This model is by far my favorite out of all of them. It’s the most modern and open. But every time I walk in there I feel like I’m at home. Note to self: you are just walking through to go to the bathroom. This is not your house. You just work here.

A girl can dream can’t she?

These homes start at the mid $800,000’s. And if you know anything about buying a new home, that’s just standard with no options. So most of our homebuyers are either close to or over a million dollars at the end of the day. I may need to start playing the number. Being in this environment definitely has me thinking about my future and final home. But that will probably be a few years down the line.

Any who, I really like the people I work with. They have been extremely nice and helpful and my boss is really cool. He’s not a micro-manager, he’s flexible, patient and very understanding. Everyone speaks very highly of the company and I’ve not been disappointed yet. Yes, it’s still early but even with some of the skepticism and resistance I had about working a 9 to 5, I have enjoyed getting up going to work.

Starting over really can bring out new things in you. New interests and hobbies. New friends and social circles. Fresh ideas. I feel recharged. I can’t lie, I miss my baby during the day but I am enjoying being around adults and having some time to myself when it’s available. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much of yourself you give to your family that you totally miss out on time with just YOU, even if it is at work. But we’ll see how long all these rainbows and butterflies last. LOL. The real work has yet to begin.

But what is about to begin is dem paychecks! I get my first one this week. Ayyyyyyeee!

♪And when the night meets the morning,
I’ll hear you calling my name♪
. LOL.

Y’all keep me in prayer!