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Well it’s official. I am going back into the workforce. I’ll be …
♫ Working 9 to 5
What a way to make a living’,
Barely gettin’ by, it’s all takin’ and no givin’
They just use your mind and they never give you credit
It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it

After some thought I decided I wanted to do something that would bring me some consistency. The inconsistency of “the business” just didn’t fit my current lifestyle. Traveling up to NYC, going on a ton of auditions to “maybe” book the job isn’t the most appealing experience to me at this time in my life. But, I don’t think I’m giving it up for forever. I can always go back. I may be in a different age bracket by then but there is plenty of work in the industry for talent over 45.

So I’m turning in the photoshoots for a shot at a career that I hope will bring me as much joy as my modeling and acting career did. And most importantly, some stability and benefits y’all. In the interview they said I’d be pretty much of the face of the company in this role. Well I have a lot of experience doing that so when do I start?

In my search for a job I definitely wanted to do something interesting that coincided with my personality and talents. I saw that our homebuilder had an opening at their design studio so I thought that would be perfect. I’d be in a space that would allow me to still be creative, inspired and productive. I applied. I even contacted the project manager in our community about the position and he was happy to refer me.

Time went on and nothing. They wind up doing away with the position. But I was still searching other companies. I also wanted something close to home. I wasn’t trying to deal with a lot of traffic traveling into the city or out to Virginia. Nothing I came across really peaked my interest. I had a couple saves but it was unlikely I’d apply.

At this time, I was still at the dealership but was about to start watching the twins. In October another position posted with my homebuilder. Even though I was reluctant it seemed like the perfect position for me. So I applied and followed up with our project manager. He thought I’d also be perfect for the job so he was more than happy to refer me once again.

A little back story about the project manager in our community. If you’ve ever had a home built you know there are quite a few processes you go through. Once you move in you have a one month follow-up and then you have an 11-month follow-up to address any issues you have with the home. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating. And while I could have blown up several times I always remained calmed in communicating with him. I was very detailed about my issues and always had things in order. So through that interaction with him he felt good about referring me to his company. Treating people with kindness even in the midst of challenge goes along way.
But GOD looks out on a regular.

He did let me know that it may take some time before I heard anything so I was patient. But still looking. Finally, in January I got an interview. It went really well. But being in a business where I’ve nailed many auditions and still didn’t book the job keeps me grounded. I go in thankful for the opportunity, do my best and leave it in the room. If its meant of me than I’ll get the call.

On Valentines Day, I got the offer. I didn’t know how to feel. I haven’t worked corporate full-time in a long time. Would I like it? Could I do the job effectively? A lot of questions but no nerves. I accepted. And told myself to give it a go and see where it goes.

On March 25th I’ll be starting my new gig as the Customer Concierge in one of the builder’s high-end communities. In a nutshell I will be the main point of contact for homebuyers from pre-construction to completion. I’m very familiar with this process because I just went through it over a year ago. There were so many things I would have improved during my experience so I’m hoping that I can deliver my own expectations.

There is a three-month training requirement so Im hoping to learn every aspect of the business. Guys, this could turn out to be a really cool gig. I know God is up to something. He’s always preparing me for the next season. Even if it’s 3 years away. I’m learning to stay present and enjoy the process.

Everyone I’ve already shared the news with thinks I am perfect for this job! But is it perfect for me? We’ll see. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how it goes and where it could lead me. Wish me luck!!