I Had Twins

Well my neighbor actually birthed them I’ve just been taking care of them for the last four months. The car dealership was going under renovation so I decided to bounce. They offered for me to stay and/or come back after the reno in a new role and an increase in pay. But honestly, I wasn’t trying to stay in retail. I like spending my weekends with my family. So if push came to shove I’d have a job if I wanted — which was a blessing. But I’d most likely go another direction with my career.

My neighbors had been looking for care for their twins up until the daycare they secured had space for them. Initially I was supposed to work from November to January but my neighbor wind up getting a promotion that would send her and the family to Indiana. So they asked if I could stay on up until they move. I was on board. It was the perfect gig until I found something long-term. I wasn’t so far removed from taking care of an infant anyways. I was right in the mix of it with Ryan. So my skills were fresh. It would be convenient — only three doors down from my house. And I could spend more time with Ryan — he could come over and socialize with the twins.

Blake and Brynn were four months old when I started with them. I figured them being so young it would be easy breezy. Eat, sleep, repeat. Things did pick up as they got older. Every baby is different and when it’s not your own child how you handle challenges can be, well, a challenge. They weren’t feeding or sleeping on the same schedule at times which made my days long and exhausting. And then I had to go home to Ryan. He wind up not coming over much because I realized it would be way too much. November he was just crawling but by December Ryan was walking. And walking turned into running, climbing and getting to everything. So a daily FaceTime it was!

Never in a million years would I think I’d be a nanny. But here I was taking care of two babies — at one time — like I had been doing it for years. I have a huge amount of respect for caregivers. It is hard enough taking care of your own family. But the experience has definitely given me a little taste of what having two children might be like. I don’t know, maybe God’s trying to tell me something. I know I am exhausted every day and I can’t even begin to imagine how life would be with two children. But I know if it’s in HIS plan he’ll give me the strength to do it.

Many have asked if I will have another child. Again, if it’s apart of God’s plan. But Lord it’s gonna have to be soon because a girl will be fifty in five years. And while many women are having children older and “older” these days is so much different from our grandmother’s day, I don’t think that’s for me. God bless those who can and do. I am not knocking it. If God wills it, there is a way.

My friend just shared a story with me about a woman she met that has a twenty-nine year old. Her and her husband had a “whoops” — meaning she had an unplanned pregnancy. WITH TRIPLETS Y’ALL. Annnnnnd SHE WAS FIFTY-NINE YEARS OLD. God is hysterical. Honey, we are not in control. So we have to stop putting limitations on ourselves. But I’ma ask you Lord to put some type of cap on it for me. LOL.

Another friend who has been a professional nanny for years asked me if I would nanny again. And I quickly told her no ma’am. LOL. It’s a lot more than I bargained for because I have Ryan. If I could come home and rest the night away after a full day of nannying then I might consider it. But for now, issa NO.

Today is my last day with my little boos as they are off to Indiana. I’ve enjoyed taking care of them and watching them grow. Being with them the last four months has definitely had me thinking about another child. It’s shown me patience beyond belief. And I am especially honored that their parents, who barely knew me, would trust me enough to take care of their babies. That’s BIG!!

I went big and now it’s time for me to go home — to my Ryan.