Ryan Turned One!

Chilllle honeysuckle bee. I have a one year old. Where in the world did the time go? It seems just like yesterday that I was at the hospital awaiting his arrival. And now that little thing is walking, running, climbing, talking and anything you can possibly think of. He’s years above his age I tell you.

Well you know I had to give my baby a party. Although the first one is usually about the parents, I did my best to make sure I made it all about Ryan. We have many friends and family and I would have loved to invite them all because I know how special Ryan is to everyone. But I was not going to break the bank for a one year old who would most likely not remember the day.

I invited friends who had children 5 and under, of course my family and my besties. That was the plan and I stuck with it. Initially my list was getting long. I felt like I was writing out my wedding guest list again. Oh no ma’am. We aren’t going down that road. Honestly, I really just wanted something small at the house. But my vision didn’t meet my expectation so I had to just go with it.

I decided to rent my community’s clubhouse which is really nice. Going that route relieved the pressure of getting the house in total order to host guests only for it to go back to hell. LOL. We did a basketball theme. All the elements were really cute — from the invitations to the party favors we made guests feel like they were coming to a real sporting event. Etsy, Michaels and the Dollar Store were my go to’s. The invitations looked like real tickets and everyone came dressed in their favorite fan gear to cheer on Ryan for the Big One!

The kids played hot potato and created an art piece for Ryan that involved them putting their hands in paint and placing it on a canvas. Im going to get it framed and hang it in his play room. It was a really cute idea that I literally thought of the day before the party and the kids loved it!

The party really turned out great and with the help of family and friends, the day ran smooth.  I have some really spectacular friends and family that truly have my back. Whether it’s taking care of my baby so I can enjoy a night out or helping me blow up balloons and put up decorations for my baby’s party. It means the world to me to have them close for whatever whenever.

Im looking forward to celebrating more birthdays and milestones with my baby and sharing those moments with you. Happy First Birthday Ryan. We Love You!

P.S. My baby is a year old!!! *SCREAMS*