Back In LOVE … with Me!

Happy Love Day y’all.  “It’s been like forever” has been an ongoing theme since having the baby. I know. But honey a girl is still trying to get back on track with life. Yes, I guess it takes some of us longer. Having a baby damn near knocked the wind out of me. But I’m not beating myself up. It is what it is and I’m handling the adjustment as best I can. I’m making changes in my life to help me move forward healthier, more focused and energetic. I have a one year old who has no plans of slowing down and I have to keep up.

I have some things to catch you up on of course. Creating time and space for myself is one of my goals this year. With all that I have going on as a wife and mother I have to make time to love on and invest in ME more so that I don’t lose myself.  Honestly, I was finding it difficult to do that. But here I am making my way through the smoke.

Twenty-seventeen was exhausting. And I made that my excuse to not do much of anything. I had to save all my energy for Ryan. However, I got to a point where I wanted to stop using “Im so tired” as an excuse for not getting the things I needed to get done, DONE. Life was moving on and I needed to get moving along with it.

I didn’t start on New Years like most people do — writing out resolutions and goals. I literally did this last week. LOL. But hey, we all don’t get to the same place at the same time. As long as we get there right?

Twenty-nineteen is about taking better care of myself and following through. I was missing out on moments and really enjoying myself with family and friends because I made me being so tired more important than my desire to live a life of gratitude. Like girl you had a whole miracle come out your body. You need to pull it together “Miss I Wanna Be Somebody’s Momma”. LOL.

Everything has revolved around the baby and I couldn’t get a foot out the door.  It has been non-stop. And I’ve been trying got figure out how to just pause for myself. Finding those moments have been difficult. But much like anything else I have to just schedule the time and do it. I have a great support system and I need to utilize it.

Yes, I had a baby. And my life has changed. No more staying up late watching ratchet tv. No more going to the bathroom or eating in peace. There are toys everywhere.  My child pays no bills and owns the joint!  And my car!!! Is a Cheerios and cracker factory.

So here I am. In full mommy mode. And I haven’t even scratched the surface. But I have to take care of myself too. Having Ryan took a lot out of me — literally — but having him here has given me so much to live for.  I had to stop whining about being tired all the time and be tired of complaining about what my life was and create the life I wanted no matter how many times I had to adjust my way of doing things. Those twists and turns would only keep me on my toes.

So I’m doing what I can and making adjustments along the way. Motherhood is an ever evolving role. But God knew what he was doing when He made us. Wow! Some days it amazes me how I got through. God gives us the strength to see it all get done even if we don’t know how it will.

I wanted to start blogging again and I’m doing it. If you’ve noticed I’ve given the blog a makeover.  I’m still working on some updates so bear with me but I’m really happy about how its turning out. Let me know what you guys think. I’m really motivated about blogging more consistently this year and connecting with more of you.

I hope you are as excited about 2019 as I am. There will be some challenges but that’s life. It’ll only show us how resilient we are. I’m going to be working hard to stick to my goals and get things done. I love sharing with you and I love that you take the time to check in, read the blog and leave comments. You are the spark that keeps me wanting to blog even when I can’t think of why I should. Thank You.

Today we celebrate LOVE!! And while your loving on everybody else … don’t forget to LOVE ON YOU!!

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!!