A Labor of Love Pt. 1

Wednesday, January 3.  My 44th Birthday!! I had my last two doctor appointments scheduled — an ultrasound and Fetal Test with my Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialist and my last routine check up with my OB/GYN. Everything looked good. Except my cervix was still closed. Because of this, my doctors were planning to induce labor. They explained to me early on in my pregnancy that in women over 35 the placenta tends to stop working sufficiently so they would need to induce me if things weren’t moving along by 40 weeks.

Thursday, January 4th.  I had an 8 a.m. appointment at the hospital to have prostaglandin, a hormone gel, inserted to help ripen my cervix.  I stayed about 30 minutes after the procedure and then they released me. The nurse gave me a window of time (7pm-12am) that I would need to come back to the hospital to be admitted. The hospital would call me to let me know what time I needed to return within that time frame.

I go home and try to rest a bit. I didn’t know how things were gonna go so I figured I better get as much rest as I could. That was short-lived because at 2pm, to my surprise, I got a call from the hospital telling me to return. My husband had run an errand so I tell them I’ll call him right away and we can probably get back there in an hour.

I jump up and double-check my bag to make sure I have all I need for my hospital stay.  All looks good. When my husband returns, he makes sure he has all he needs and we are off.




We check in and I get admitted to my room. It’s a nice big room too with a pretty decent view. They immediately tell me to  put on my hospital gown and relax. Hubby has a nice pull out sofa for his relaxing pleasure … lol. My husband is 6’4. Let’s just say it was gonna be a long night or two for him.  But I didn’t feel sorry for him. I was nine months pregnant about to endure who knows what so he’d manage.

The doctor came in to check my cervix and it was still closed. The gel wasn’t productive. So they decide to give me three doses of a medication that’s supposed to help with opening my cervix. I start the medication around 6pm.

Overnight they check my cervix and it has opened slightly. A dimple sized opening. Oh how cute. *rolls eyes*

Friday, January 5th.  I slept pretty good through the night so you what that means. Nothing. They came in to check my cervix around 9 a.m. and nothing had changed. So about 10 a.m. they start me on Pitocin — which should do the trick right? Nope! Even though the monitor is showing that I am having contractions, I don’t feel a thing.

All throughout the day they ask me do feel any pain. And all day my answer is NO. My sister stops by around 6 p.m. to check on me. She hangs out for hours hoping that her nephew will come while she’s there. He is officially due so it would be nice if he would just come on the day we’ve all been expecting him, right?

Around 8 p.m. they come in to check my cervix. It has dilated around 2 to 3 cm.  Gel, oral medication and pitocin over a day and a half and I’m only at 2 or 3 cm?? SMH.  So we wait. I should add that at different points they increased the pitocin but when they did the baby’s heart rate would drop so they had to lower it at a level that kept the baby’s heartbeat steady.

The doctor at this point decided to break my water. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! Let’s just say I am happy that I was in the hospital when this activity occurred. There was so much water. And who knew I’d be still in my hospital bed while this was happening. It was an opening in between the bed and it gushed out all on the floor. I’m assuming there was some type of drain under the bed cause no one bothered to clean the floor after it was done. *shrugs*.

FINALLY, an hour or so later I’m starting to feel contractions. This … is … not … cute. While I’m happy that the ball is beginning to roll I am not feeling these uterine cramps to the 10th level. And my sister with her 3 baby having tail is ecstatic.

Pain is starting to really kick in. Epidural please and thank you. They suggest my husband sit in front of me for support. Oh isn’t that nice. They tell me to relax my shoulders and arch my back and most importantly— DONT MOVE! The pressure and I’m so exhausted.

I take a deep breath as the Anesthesiologist prepares to stick the needle in. And what’s the first thing I do. I MOVE!! I couldn’t help it. It hurt. Like seriously how are you not supposed to move when someone is sticking a big needle in your back. The pain and shock of it — you’re going to move.

Almost immediately the pain subsides. I lay back down. And we wait.