Kick in the Door Waving the 4-4

Now the title of this post which are lyrics from Junior Mafia and Notorious B.I.G’s “Get Money” mean something totally different in the song but I thought them appropriate for such a time as this.  Today is my Birthday! I’m kicking into to 2018 proving that anything is possible!!! In just a couple of days I’ll have a new title — MOM! It’s a new year with so much ahead! And praise be to GOD I made it to 44 — healthy, happy and blessed beyond measure.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how old you are … if there is a will … there is a way. It may not be the ideal way you had hoped but through the twists and turns, the hills and valleys, trust the process. You will appreciate the journey so much more.

I really do appreciate every facet of my journey that continues. As long as I have breath I will defy odds. I will think out of the box. I will be different. I will stand out. I will have faith that all that I set out to do will succeed. Whether it takes me 4 years or another 44.

I refuse to be held back by procrastination, doubt, fear and certainly, AGE. Let us all kick down the doors that try to hold us back from being all God created us to be. Make Twenty-One-Eight … Great!! I’m rooting for you!

Thank you all for the birthday texts, Facebook and Instagram comments, cards and for  checking on me to see if the baby has come yet … He has not! LOL. But I will keep you all posted.

Thank You  …Thank You … and God Bless!