Shooting for a Special Delivery

After packing up one house, moving into a new one, getting situated as much as I’ve been able to and a baby shower, I was finally able to do a maternity shoot. Well it was actually my second but this time around the belly was in full effect. I haven’t been on any castings or booked anything since being pregnant so it felt good to be on set doing what I love.

For most of my personal shoots I do my own styling which can be a process. Shopping for wardrobe options can be very time-consuming especially when you are pregnant. I chose to buy regular clothes instead of maternity clothes as there seemed to be more options that way. Of course I went with clothes that had stretch and/or I just went up a size or two. Although I’ve gained about 35 pounds I’m mostly all belly.

I can usually do my own makeup but I hired my friend to take the pressure off the day and I knew she would do a more thorough job than I could had I had that added task. For hair, I decided to wig it as that took off some stress as well. I stayed with a natural vibe as that’s how I wear my own hair. One wig was more of a loose curl pattern and the other was closer to my hair texture.  I also enlisted my aunt to help out on set with wardrobe changes, behind the scene footage and anything else I may have needed help with. I shot with Norman E. Jones who I really enjoy shooting with.  Our first shoot over the summer came out really nice so I knew when I was ready to do another shoot, he would be my go to.

Being a model in New York, you shoot with the best of the best usually. I’m not saying that photographers outside of New York can’t be just as good but I am very particular. Norman is on point y’all. I am so happy to have been introduced to him through one of my good friends who just so happens to be his wife. Hey Bri Bri! But now that I’m back in the DC area it is so nice and convenient to have someone here to produce the type of images I need.

Needless to say, the pictures came out amazing. I’ve gone through them several times and am having a hard time choosing. We did 3 looks and my husband shot with me as well. He hates photoshoots but he’s so photogenic. This was our third professional photoshoot together and he can get a bit impatient. But, he did really well this go around. LOL. Thanks boo for always taking one for the team.

With all I’ve had going on I wasn’t sure I’d get this maternity shoot done. But, I did it!!  Thanks to an amazing team and my baby boy cooperating. At the time of the shoot I was 36 weeks and 3 days. I was so glad when it was over though. I was exhausted. Most don’t realize the hard work that goes into doing a photoshoot and all the elements that need to come together especially when you are wearing several hats. I was creative director, stylist, the model annnnd pregnant on top of that. So you see why I opted to hire a makeup artist, used wigs and asked my aunt to help out. It made the day flow with ease.

When shooting it also helps to be in a good head space because it comes through in your photos. I hope you can tell from my featured picture how at peace and thankful I am for this amazing gift.  This journey has been more than I could’ve ever imagined and I’m thankful for the courage God has given me to share this journey with you. I hope my stories continue to give hope and encouragement to you and others.