IVF Backtrack: Transfer Day

My Actual Embryo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017. It’s day 93 since the beginning of this journey. It is finally TRANSFER DAY!!! I cannot believe this day is here. I woke up feeling pretty calm and centered. I fixed a little breakfast so I could take my medications, I said my prayers and did devotion. For the most part I carried on as if it were any other day. I got a call around 8:35am from the clinic letting me know what time to arrive. It was all about go down at 12:40pm.

Last night, I remembered that they offered Laser Acupuncture before and after the transfer. I wasn’t sure I would do it but I talked to my husband about it and we agreed to proceed with it. This is something that could be covered by insurance otherwise there is a fee. My facility (RMA) charged $200.

After talking with my insurance company I was still unclear if they would cover it or not. Either way, I’d have to pay upfront and deal with reimbursement later.  If it can at all help our little embryo stick, it was well worth the two-hundred bucks. But, make sure you contact your insurance company about every thing that’s covered so you do not encounter any huge surprises.

Prior to arriving to the facility my bladder needed to be full. Now I am one of those people who always has to use the bathroom especially before leaving the house. I think its psychological because I don’t like holding it. So before I head out I always make myself go. By the time we get there I had to go bad. I knew we would arrive early so I’d have time to go and then fill up my bladder again. Seeing how the transfer wasn’t happening right away, there was no way I could hold it any longer.

I head straight to the bathroom. Y’all I peed for like 5 minutes. OMG. If I had tried to wait until I got through acupuncture and the transfer I would have surely peed on myself. After I relieved myself, I check in and head into the waiting room to be called in to settle into the room where everything will take place.

Not to long after getting situated in my room the nurse comes in to explain the acupuncture process and shortly thereafter I get my treatment. It was painless.  Now I have to work on filling up my bladder again. I’m taking sips because the way my bladder set up … it takes no time to get on full. And man I was ready to peeeee! I held on for like 30 minutes people. My husband had to go ask the nurse how much longer it would be because I was about to open up the flood gates.

The nurse came in and said I could go relieve a little. That only made things worse because my bladder is like Bih we are not done. But I had to hold it together, literally. My bladder had to be full to proceed with the transfer. A full bladder allows good ultrasound visualization of the catheter which helps with smooth and proper transfer of the embryo(s) to the best location.

Finally, it was time to do the transfer. All that we prepped for was finally happening. This process had gone so smoothly for us and now was the moment of truth. Would it work?

They removed our embryo from the incubator through a catheter and carefully transferred to my uterus. It was a little uncomfortable but manageable. The fact that I had to pee incredibly bad didn’t even cross my mind. We could see everything being done on the monitor next to my bed. The embryo was so small. Micro. Amazing that this little piece of heaven the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20) would one day be a living thriving being that would change our lives forever.

In nine days I will go back to the doctors to take a blood test to see if IM PREGNANNNNTTTT!  My lower area is a little tight. I don’t know if that’s soreness or what but they told me to proceed with regular activities. No heavy exercise or “werk” outs, if you know what I mean, lol, but walking is good. Walking is excellent for uterine health because it gets the pelvic floor moving. If you walk quickly, your heart rate goes up and that can increase circulation to all areas of the body, including the uterus.

So get to walking … praying and believing that nothing is impossible for you.