Your Life Is Your Message

When I started to pursue my career as a professional model and commercial actress, I had no idea the impact I would have on not only my peers in the industry but people in general. Sometimes we do and say things and have no clue how it affected a person positively. We are just doing what we would naturally do because it’s common sense, kind or just the right thing to do. You know treat people how you want to be treated. You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around.

I received a text on my last birthday from a friend who went to an agency’s holiday party that I was unable to attend.

The text read:


By no means am I perfect. I’ve made mistakes in my life — I’ve not always made the best choices and basically, I’ve F’d up at times. But I am authentic. I do hold myself accountable. I certainly am woman enough to apologize and admit when I’m wrong. I work every day to be better than the next. But for the most part I seem to be doing right in life. I’m sure a lot of that has come with age. When you know better, you do better. 

I really am honored that people get good energy from me. It feels extremely rewarding that my life has inspired others in some way. I am completely humbled by the messages I have received over the years from people, some I didn’t even know, who have come across my blog, saw a commercial or checked out my website. I hope my stories will inspire you to keep going despite the challenges, setbacks or mistakes you may face in your life.

Life is what you make it! Make it inspirational!!