The Great White Shirt

If we want to talk about the ultimate staple piece – the white shirt is hand downs #1. You can dress it up or down and either way it’s just “classic”! So obvi because I’m pregnant I’m going to have to invest in a white shirt that fits around my belly. Of course I’m trying to still fit in as many of my “regular” clothes until I absolutely cannot. A girl is on a budget. So in my daily run through of clothes I can still manage to get into, I remember that I have the perfect white shirt that I’ll probably be able to wear through my entire pregnancy. #LookAtGod. See you know you have too many clothes if you forgettin’ you got stuff.

This shirt was a great find too. I had previously seen a young lady walking the streets of NYC with a long white shirt on. It was so good y’all. I mean she had it hooked too. It looked great with pants but it could also be worn as a dress. I was like I have got to find that shirt or at least something close to it. I went to L.A. two years ago for a shoot and spent some time at the Grove.  I decided to step into the The Gap, as at that time, the selections were really good.  In the past it has been hit or miss for me. This day it was so on point.

And The Gap is known for a good sale honey. If you’re lucky to find something, you’ll get it for a steal and if you have a Gap card you can get an extra discount off of the sale price on any day. So yeah, having not applied for a credit card in years, I signed right on up. They got me. I just couldn’t pass up the extra savings to add to my already discounted items I was purchasing. What could it hurt? I’d just pay my $20 for 10 outfits and pay the card off the same day. No, like for real, the deals in Gap have you walking out wanting to treat yourself to dinner cause you’ve saved so much money. Needless to say,  I sure did walk on over to Cheesecake Factory when I was done.

But anyway, I picked up a few cutesy things to try on before I came across what would eventually be a prized possession. I headed over to the sale rack which normally is crazy and all over the place. Most times I just walk away because I don’t even want to deal with all the people, clothes barely hanging on the hangers, on the floor or in the wrong place. But it was pretty organized and not a creature was in sight.

Suddenly, it was if the Lord opened the gates of heaven, glory shined through and there it was — a long white shirt — IN … MY … SIIIIZZZZEE! Unbelievable. I should add, that I rarely find something I like and in my size or color on the sale rack. If I only had $10 in my bank account this shirt was gonna be miinnnne. #SorryNotSorry.  I can’t even remember what the original price was. All I know is with the sale and extra discount I paid about $9 for that shirt. Nine dollars!! So I was good cause the way my bank account is set up.

I get so many of compliments on this piece from men and women who generally think I’ve paid a fortune for it. It will be in style for years to come and I can wear it through my pregnancy. HA-LAY-LU!!  It is absolutely THEE ultimate staple in my closet.

Here, I’ve styled 3 ways.


If you don’t have a great white shirt in your closet it’s time to make the investment. It’s one of the most classy pieces of clothing you’ll own that will never go out of style! If there is a white shirt you absolutely love, buy two. Over time your white shirts can become yellowish in color and by that time you’ll probably have to toss it. If it does become discolored but you love the style and fit of it, dye it your favorite color and keep it around for a few more years.

You won’t find this shirt at the Gap currently but here are two similar white shirts currently avail at Everlane and Asos.