Forty And Over the Spiel

When I turned 40 I was excited, hopeful and very thankful. Thankful to God for opportunities that went beyond anything I ever expected, lessons that humbled me, meaningful friendships, a Love like no other — shout out to my boo — and just, well, I … made … it  … to  … F O R T Y!!!  #PraiseBreak. If you haven’t noticed, forty these days is not your grandmother’s 40. Wellll grandma’s are quite different these days as well, so maybe it’s safe to say your great grandmother’s 40.  You know what I mean though. We is smart. We is fly. We is different!

Women 40+ are aging incredibly well, staying healthy and active, living longer and just plain kicking butt in every area of life. In others words, #Winning. Well I guess that’s really just one word — but, it sums up how we are making our mark in the world and serving you all this wonderful-ness wrapped up in brains, looks and maturity. How you doing? #FortyWonAndUp

One constant sign to start this blog was the amount of  “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you” reactions I would get after I told people how old I was. They would and still really trip out. I’m 43 now. I’m in an industry where in the past to tell your age was a big no no. Some people still live by that rule but it doesn’t bother me. I feel like sharing my age will encourage people to set out and pursue dreams, and goals, and love and all that good stuff. It also gives younger women an example of what their future can hold.

Women wanted to know my “secret”— beauty, health, mind and spirit. I didn’t look my age in a business that appeared to be catered to the two T’s – Thin and Teen. But, I was older and thriving in it as a commercial print model and actress. Eleven years later and I’m still in the game.  At 33, I decided to quit my 9 to 5 and start my career as a full-time professional model and actress in New York City. I believed in me despite what anyone thought of my age, my timing or decision to do it then.

Thankfully, I had a really great support system that encouraged me to take the leap of faith. I realize that is not always the case for everyone. A real job is working at a corporation behind a desk and a stack of paperwork. So know, as I’m sure you are aware, there will be those people who will try to discourage you. The one’s who think “who does she think she is?” She’s too old to be doing that!”.  The doubters and skeptics. The haters with their opinions about what you need to hurry up and do or don’t do. Those who have no desire to go beyond where they are. They don’t have the courage to bust out of the box and be something more. Where they are is it for them.

But not YOU. Not US! Whether we are 40, 50, 60, even 100, doesn’t mean we can’t be in pursuit of something bigger than where we are. We can still create, mentor, start a new venture, make new friends, find love and Ju Ju on dat beat. Do the kids still do that? But, older doesn’t equate to “DONE”, “it’s a wrap” or “hang up your shoes”. It’s a blessing to be older and wiser — continuing to grow, learn and achieve better. We know better so we do better. Right?

We still got it! We are still full of life! Let’s go out there and GET IT! Let’s stop buying into this non-sense about it being too late.  Sure, there may be some things you haven’t accomplished YET, that you thought you’d have accomplished by now. #RaisesHand. But you are not alone.  Make up in your mind that anything is possible right where you are. I got married and pregnant in my 40’s because, in the words of Sophia“there is a GAWWD!”

Embrace this process. Aging is inevitable. Get busy living or, well, you know the rest. Cue the McFadden and Whitehead, “Aint No Stopping Us Now …”

I want to thank my friends and family for their continued support over the years. Always supporting my decisions to do me.

A good way to get on your way to doing the things you want to do in life is … Make the List! Check out my List of 10 Things I Want to Do in the Next Year.