First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage …

Then Comes … Two Babies!!! No not twins but one literal and the other figuratively. Twenty-sixteen was quite the memorable year. Despite me not working as much as I would have liked too, I was busy planning every aspect of my wedding. Picking out dresses, flowers, decor, food — organizing, emailing, staying up late pinning things on my Pinterest board and waking up out of my sleep to jot down ideas so I wouldn’t forget to research them in the morning. There was a lot going on. I got married to the man of my dreams (hey boo hey), reignited my passion to write and decided to start a family. It was a lot to be happy about but I was trying to wrap my head around how I’d do it all and not be a worried, fearful procrastinator. But God told me to just trust Him.

I have to say getting to the point of finally launching this blog was a process. Between getting pregnant – which was also a process – and totally being a procrastinator, it was hard to be motivated, excited and committed to making this happen. I never gave myself a deadline so it was open to whenever I felt like doing it. Not the best work ethic. But! I have to say my best work comes when I’m under pressure. So the gift and the curse. But after my unemployment ended and no auditions or castings were coming through, I had to get it together. I was being forced now to move into my destiny. However, being pregnant wasn’t helping. There were days I wouldn’t get out of bed until noon or at all.  Nevertheless, if I could watch hours of reality TV from my bed, I could surely pull out my laptop and spend at least an hour working on this goal. I was struggling.

I was trying to pick a special time and date to launch. I thought about launching it on my ten year anniversary of being in the business (acting and modeling) but I had too much going on with the wedding.  I made an effort to get some motivation by scheduling a meet up with a friend who has her own successful blog/business. Shout out to my sis @AfricaMiranda. She told me I didn’t need a special time. Just start.  The content would evolve and my audience would grow.

I did make the effort from time to time to come up with ideas and write content. In my heart, I felt I had something to say and people would listen. They would appreciate my voice, my vision and my vulnerability.  But after being pretty much forced to get this thing going, I finally gave my self a due date so I could get more serious about making this blog come to life. I got so much good feedback and encouragement at the idea of it and so the time was now. What was I waiting for? The perfect time may not ever come. I had to move on it even if I didn’t feel 100% confident and ready to go. Time was moving on. My audience would just have to meet me where I am and we’d figure it all out as we went along.

So here I am, happily married … 

… writing again for this awesome blog (my figurative baby) and about to have a REAL FRIKIN’ baby!! Look at God or more like OH MY GODDDDDD! LOL. I’m telling you, if GOD hadn’t revealed it all to me I would have no idea that I’d be married to the man I’m with (that’s another story), writing on a new level and about to be SOMEBODY’S MOMMA!! HA!! God is so amazing and I am so incredibly blessed.

Don’t get me wrong things aren’t perfect but GOD is. Everything happens in HIS perfect timing. You’ll just know when it’s right. Don’t dwell in the past. Focus on the now because now is all we have. I hope you all will enjoy every piece of this blog as I hope to bring authenticity, awareness, encouragement, inspiration and plenty of laughs through my personal experiences. I want you to get to a place of joy even when things don’t go the way you planned.  Often times they won’t. Learn the lessons, grow into your wisdom and Lord knows don’t compare yourself to others. We have no idea what it took for them to get where they are. Open your heart, listen to GOD, accept His word and embrace every part of your own journey.

Peace & Love.