#ISSABABY! Yup after forty-three years the Lord saw fit to bless this crazy girl with a baby. We are ecstatic and thankful beyond measure. Now, I’ve never put a time line or due date on my martial or parental status. I just lived my life. And when it was time for all that to happen, if it were to happen, then I’d be ready. I’d hope! LOL.

Because God has been my foundation and has surrounded me with some of the most supportive and encouraging people, I never got caught up in my age or what anyone had to say. “Girl when you gone have some babies? —  you ain’t getting no younger”, “you ain’t married yet?”. I mean the list could go on. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. But I never let those people’s insecurities about what they thought I should be doing with my life dictate when it was all going to happen for me. A lot of that has to do with the man upstairs anyways.

I’m so thankful for the courage to never settle for less than I deserve because my life, at this moment, is more than I could ever imagine. This time. This man. This age. #WontHeDoIt. For years I’ve said if I ever got pregnant I would probably be a nervous wreck. That has been so far from the truth. It has actually been a very enjoyable, calming process thus far. I’ve had no morning sickness. #PraiseHim. I’ve only been really tired at times and that was more in my first trimester. As I’m moving through my second trimester I’m feeling more energized and ready to get back into exercising. Stretching and Walking, mostly, has been my thing. Our neighborhood is a workout treasure. With its mix of hills and winding streets it’s a perfect workout without having to go to the gym. And it’s freeeeee!

I have to say though, I don’t think it has fully hit me that I’m gone have a baaaabbbbaaayyyy!!! As my four-year old nephew would say, “what the what?”. LOL. I feel like its taking forever for my little belly to push through. But I’ve read that on your first pregnancy it can take a while for your belly to get to the point that you don’t just look like you have a “food baby” a.k.a fat and bloated. When I’m getting dressed I always ask my husband, “do I look pregnant?” and his smart azz is always like “You are pregnant!” LOL. But I’m really asking do I just look fat? Men will never understand. Le sigh.

Eating healthy has been a challenge but I’ve had no food cravings. None more than I had pre-pregnancy. Any one of you who knows me personally, knows I can throw it down. #SkinnyFatGirl. I seem to be eating less because there are certain foods I just don’t have the taste for. I have to really force myself to eat veggies, which I love. But I’ve lost that loving feeling.

Overall, I’ve felt great and it all happening at this time feels so organic and right. We are so blessed. Five months down, 4 more to go!

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