2017: 10 Things I Want To do In the Next Year

#1 Take an Alternative Language Class. In high school I took sign language and spanish and all I know is the alphabet and numbers. Turrible. But I’d really like to be able to communicate with the people in these two communities.

#2 Learn How To Cook. Ok y’all I can cook — some things. And my husband been looking at me like ma’am umm Ima need you to get in this kitchen frying up this bacon Im bringing home. For me variety is what I struggle with. My husband is picky and me, well not so much. I go online for recipes but its all the same stuff. So I’d like to learn more creative ways to cook.

#3 Book A Big Maternity Job. So there is an agency that represents expecting moms, ironically called, Expecting Models. They’ve been around for years now and I always knew that once I crossed that bridge, I was going to submit to them. I’ve always thought that my biggest gig would be when I got pregnant. See y’all probably thought I was gonna have to give it all up because I got pregnant. Nope. Mama gone be still working! #DontStopGetItGetIt

#4 Monetize My Blog. I certainly love acting and modeling but it can be so up and down. I really want to be able to utilize my writing talents as a blogger and make that a part of my entrepreneurial career. Blogging can be very lucrative if treated like a business. I’m going to work really hard to make it happen. #ProcrastinationGetTheeBehindMe

#5 Stop Procrastinating. I have so many ideas in my head and so many ways I know I can help people. I really need to focus and be committed to the gifts God has given me. I want to be able to answer with assurance, “What did I do with what I was given?”  Life has flown by and it will continue to. I have to make it count.

#6 Get A Tattoo. Ok I’ve never wanted a tattoo in my life. I turn 43 and decide that I want one. Just something dainty but meaningful. Im thinking I will get maybe two or three. Im living on the edge y’all.

#7 Take My Parents on a Trip Outside the Country. My parents have never been to an island or out of the country for that matter. I would love to take them some place nice. They divorced when I as a toddler but they are still good friends. I really want them to experience some of the most wondrous places in the world. I want them to see blue water and white sands in the flesh — feel the difference in the sun and taste authentic caribbean food. I know they would love it.

#8 Get Rid of My School Loan. OMG. This is partly my fault … okay maybe all of my fault. I have been the defer queen over the years and I am truly paying for it. I have looked into programs but nothing seems to fit my situation. Because my income can be inconsistent, its been hard to stay on top of this. But I’ve also not been committed to putting money aside to go towards it. If I can at least get it significantly reduced that would be half the battle. If anyone has any info that I may not have come across I’d love you for-eva eva!

#9 Buy a Nice Camera and Learn Photography. I absolutely love being in front of the camera. But where I am going in my career, especially with this blog, I think it would be beneficial to learn more about being behind the camera. Face it, if I have any pictures on this blog they have to be fabulous. I can’t have y’all talking bout, “how is she model and got these grainy out of focus pictures on her blog.

#10 Settle Quite Nicely into Motherhood. Now I’m sure most first time mothers are scared to death. You are now responsible for another human being who totally depends on you. That can be a whole lot to take in and actually handle. So as I always do, I will be staying in prayer, seeking encouragement from my friends and depending on my momma … ALOT. #WillKeepYouPosted

Ok so now that I’ve exposed myself to you guys, you have to hold me accountable!! Where are my #MOtivators at? Get to making your lists ladies … and gents, if some of you just so happen to get into this blog of goodness!